Sideglow 2m x 200 Tails

Vores Ref #: 92MSG
6 493,75 kr
5 195,00 kr ekskl. moms


200 bløde og fleksible slanger. Lyskilde er incl.

Yderligere information

  • Dimensioner: 2m
  • Strøm: Ikke incl. lyskilde

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Charley W.Verified Buyer.
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Reviewed on 11/09/22
Benefit Highlighted
Amazing. Just stunning in look. Good for those who like to fiddling with things and varry calming. Good for focus. Sensory wize there grate but may not be good for those who don't like light touch or tickled sensation. I plan to Invest in bamboo fibre optics later on as they are good for those whom don't like light touch and tickled sensation. Brilliant for those who like the fiddle with things. They can be good for those who don't like light touches if used mostly on lap as it more waited in one pace. I use the app with the fibre optics to try get them to breath with the lights. One person who had epilepsy had no problems using them. It was particularly helpful for those more hyperly and helped with there focus.